The Benjamin William Mkapa foundation (BMF) is a Trust and a nonprofit organization which was established in 2006 with the aim of augmenting the Government of Tanzania efforts in the fight against the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Strategically, in order to fulfill its contributory role to the Government’s efforts to strengthen health systems and, BMF:

  • Utilize its creative approaches on HRH to develop and operationalize innovative HRH models to increase supply, accelerate distribution and retention of skilled HRH and enhance HR development programs.
  • Mobilize expertise and knowledge to strengthen financial management capacity of councils and health facilities, accelerate coverage of improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) at community level.
  • Forge strategic partnerships to enhance resource mobilization capacity at national, regional, district and facility levels.
  • Innovatively collaborate to develop and institutionalize results driven leadership and governance programs.
  • Generate and promote scale up of evidence based best practices on Health systems and Service Delivery to ensure wider access of health care to the community.
  • Leverage expertise and knowledge from national, regional and international entities for high impact interventions.

Our three goals

GOAL 1: Strengthened Systems to accelerate the attainment of national Universal Health Coverage   targets

GOAL 2: Intensified use of evidence-based approaches for high impact interventions 

GOAL 3: Enhanced  Institutional Performance and Sustainability