In commemorating 10 years anniversary of the Mkapa Foundation and in recognizing partners and donors support towards our noble cause, the Foundation organized and conducted a joint field visit upcountry as a showcase to exhibit what has been achieved by the Mkapa Foundation through the financial, technical and in-kind support from various stakeholders.

The Joint field visit was held from 3rd till 6th April 2016 and was comprised of representatives from the BMF Board of Trustees, management and staff together with officials from the Government, Donors and corporate partners.  The visited sites were sampled areas that BMF interventions has been carried and these were 3 Regions of Morogoro, Coast and Kagera.

The main purpose of the visit was to review progress, observe the contextual challenges, and ascertain programme effectiveness, relevance, sustainability and scale up of our projects.

The team divided into two groups whereas one visited the Eastern zone and the other one Lake zone and each group was led with BMF official. Courtesy calls were made to the respective Regions and Districts. Among the conversations made during courtesy call with the Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary, he aired appreciation to BMF. He further said “We are thankful for the support from BMF and their partners. We further encourage and welcome other supporters to Morogoro Region to assist in other critical health sector challenges, particularly revamping the Mortuary of the Morogoro Regional Hospital. He said they are intending to buy a new, modernized and accepted standard fridges for the mortuary where support is much appreciated.

During the field visit, the mission visited and met 37 students that have been granted scholarship and are studying nursing courses at the Morogoro Public Health Nursing School. The student grants are provided by the BMF in collaboration with the Ministry of Health through the Health Systems Strengthening Project financed by the Global Fund. The intervention is associated with contractual agreement with students, which is geared towards reducing vacancy rate of Health workforce in the country. Upon their graduation they are expected to be deployed in underserved Local Government Authorities as per agreed bonds.

phnStudents at PHN – Morogoro listening to the team visited them

Another area that BMF interventions has shown impact is on reducing health workforce attrition rate and increasing staff work morale, whereas the construction of  staff houses in underserved facilities is among the interventions, The mission team managed to visit four (4) staff houses located in Morogoro District Council,  and Bagamoyo District Councils, whereby the former are in final stages of construction and the latter houses were already handed over to the district authorities and were being utilized by the health workers.

LeoThe Team speaking at one of the health worker living in the staff house constructed by BMF in Chato

It is well known that BMF’s goals is to complement the government efforts on strengthening health systems thus health training institutions have further benefitted from our interventions through increasing availability of tutors as one of the strategy to improve production of qualified health professionals from training institutions. The Mission Team visited Kilosa Clinical Officers Training College and had optimistic conversation with tutors who were highly dedicated and committed to teach and undertake of all measure to ensure quality education to the students.

One among the 6 tutors said, “Our employment contracts with the BMF and Ministry of Health under this Project ended in February 2016, but we are still at the Institute supporting the students while awaiting for the mainstreaming exercise into the public employment system to take place”. It was further noted that the delay in mainstreaming into public employment system was attributed by the delay in release of Government employment permit for health workers.  Nevertheless it was observed that there is good cooperation and relationship between the tutors and the entire Management of the College. .   

Issuja Killian

The Mission Team having conversation with tutors at Kilosa COTC in Morogoro Region

During the same visit the team were able to witness  a number of staff who were recruited and deployed by BMF since year 2007. Innovative recruitment being one of the core business of the Foundation followed by mainstreaming of project staff into government employment system is one of the key strategies for increasing health workforce into the country. Such staff were found in Bagamoyo, who are currently working under government employment system with different capacities whereas one of them is the District Hospital matron.

hwSome of the health workers recruited by BMF led projects and deployed at Bagamoyo DC and thereafter mainstreamed into Government employment and permanent system.

During the parallel joint field visit which was taking place in Lake Zone, the team visited Bugando Medical centre – School of anesthesia, RAS Geita, RMO Geita, Geita School of Nursing, Chato District Council, RMO Kagera, Hospital Management Team Kagera Regional Hospital, CHMT Bukoba District Council, DED Biharamulo and CHMT Biharamulo District Council.

Among other districts benefited from a number of BMF interventions is Biharamulo District Council. Several interventions implemented by BMF include; recruitment of 22 health workers under the different projects such as the Mkapa Fellows Programme Phase I and Phase II and the Health Systems Strengthening Project. The team visited Nyakanazi Health centre where they theatre, maternity ward and staff houses constructed by BMF.

BMF interventions further contributed in improving maternal health services in Biharamulo districts by construction of theatre and equipping them within the health centres of Nyakanazi and Nyakahura as well as construction of maternity ward at Nyakanazi. According to the acting District Executive Director  Biharamulo District Council, he said” I commend BMF in their support to Biharamulo DC whereby it has used cost effectively and efficiently the minimum financial resources available to construct the theatre and maternity ward at the Nyakanazi health centre. We have lots of lessons to learn from them”.

In our discussion with regional or district level officials at the regions of Mwanza, Geita and Kagera but also districts  of Chato, Bukoba DC and Biharamulo the team commended our good work done toward addressing health sector challenges. This  including capacity building to CHMTs on Human Resource Management, Human Resource supportive supervision, effective planning skills for their Annual Council health plans, and assessing health workers performance through the Open Performance Rapid Appraisal System of the Government (OPRAS).

One of interesting finding was revealed by the Council Health Management Team “Through interventions made by BMF it has contributed to high star rating scores of Biharamulo district amongst the 8 Local Government authorities within the Kagera region. This exercise of star rating was conducted by Ministry of Health in March 2016. Thus we are happy with the support from BMF on the construction of theatre, maternity ward, staff houses and support of Human Resource component and theatres equipment.”

chmtJoint Field visit team meeting with Biharamulo Council Health Management Team (CHMT)

Other institutions visited by the team were Bugando Medical Centre and Geita school of nursing where students are supported by BMF through student grants scholarships program. They thank BMF for the sponsorship and declared that some of them they could not afford the training costs.

For the regions and districts visited, shortage of human resource at all levels was the main issue reported that affect quality of services delivery. For example in Geita Regional hospital there are only two specialists and 3 medical officers and at district level there are only 23 medical officers. In Kagera regional hospital there are two specialists and at LGA level there is critical shortage of clinical officers by 70%. Also shortage of staff houses was one of the challenges in all LGAs visited that affect retention of health workers.

remmyThe field visit team with some of students benefited from student grants scholarships at Geita School of Nursing

We thank all parties participated in this joint field visit. Special thanks goes to BMF Board of Trustees Members, Irish Aid, Abbott Fund, PPF Pensions Fund, Geita Gold Mine, Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, President Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG). Also we thank Regional Secretariat, health training institution principals and District officials for their participation and sustainable partnership and we envisage further partnership in years to come.

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The Benjamin W. Mkapa foundation celebrates 10 year anniversary since inception in 2006 in a fundraising dinner gala which managed to raise  Tshs 1.17 Billion from corporates and individuals. The Foundation also launched its new name “The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation”.


From Left: The CEO of BMF Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, The President of Mohammed Entepreises (T) Limited, Mr. Mohammed Dewji, The Settlor  of BMF, H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa and The Chairman of the Board, Amb. Charles A. Sanga making an entrance at the Mkapa Foundation 10 year anniversary and Fundraising Dinner.

The half a night memorable event which was sponsored by Bank M took place at the Golden Jubilee Towers in Dar es Salaam, was graced by Mr. Mohammed Dewji (famously known as MO Dewji), the President of Mohammed Enterprises(T) Limited.Present in the occassion was the Former President of URT and the Settlor of BMF, H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa; the first chairman of BMF, Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, who is also  the current Minister of Defense;and the current Chairman of BMF Board of Trustees, Amb. Charles A. Sanga.

The event which was witnessed by almost 200 guests included the wife of the Former President, Mama Anna Mkapa; the Ambassador of Ireland, Madam F. Gilsenan; Ambassador of Switzerland, Madam Florence T.Mattli; Global Fund Country representative, Mr. Nelson Msuya; Country Director of Abbott Fund- Natalia Lobue; several heads of corporates,parastatals and business community. 


Former First Lady Mama Anna Mkapa (second from left) sitting with Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF, Ms. Eileen Swai member of BMF Board of Trustees and Madam. Fionnela Gilsenan, Irish Ambassador of Ireland​

During the occasion, the Mkapa Foundation awarded the two former Heads of States who founded this Institution in 2006, namely Former President Mkapa and Former President of USA William Jefferson Clinton

23 - untitledThe Guest of Honor, MO Dewji awards The Settlor of Mkapa Foundation H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa for his vision to establish The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation 10 years ago.

27 - untitledDr. Ester Mtumbuka, The Country Director of Clinton Health Initiative (CHAI) receives an award on behalf of Former President of United State of America H.E William Jefferson Clinton, from The Guest of Honor, MO Dewji


The Guest of Honor , MO Dewji giving his speech during the BMF10 year anniversary and Fundraising Dinner

Addressing the invited guests, Mr. MO Dewji, stated that he is very honored to be part of the great and momentous occasion of celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Mkapa Foundation. He acknowledged the significant impact BMF has made in improving the equality, accessibility and quality of health service in Tanzania. “Tonight, I would like to take a few minutes to underscore the critical role of the private sector in this resource mobilization. It goes without saying that businesses cannot operate in isolation from the economic and social challenges that impact society as a whole” said MO Dewji. He urged the Private sector to play a critical role in supporting the Government to address the challenges that faces the health sector.


The Settlor of the Foundation and The Former President of Tanzania H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa giving a vote of thanks during the BMF 10 year anniversary and Fundraising dinner

The Settlor of the Foundation, H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa extended his gratitude to the Government of Tanzania for working with the Foundation through a trusted partnership. Also he extended his gratitude to the bilateral and multilateral Development Partners, Corporate sector and individual benefactors who have continued supporting the Foundation to attain its goals.

“I am convinced that there is a great impact in the role the Private sector is playing, in contributing towards sustainable economic development of our country. I hereby urge the Corporate sectors through the window of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, to open up “sustainable partnerships” with the Government, as well as with the Non-State Actors to improve the social services, health being amongst the most in need” said H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa

Giving his remarks at the dinner the Chairman of BMF Board of Trustees, Amb. Charles Sanga mentioned the Foundation has developed a 2nd five year Business development and sustainability strategy for the year 2013- 2018 which costed 136billion Tanzanian shillings, intending to benefit directly and indirectly 20million Tanzanians through scaling up and designing Innovations for better health solutions to combat HIV and AIDS, Maternal health, and Health Systems components, particularly Human Resources for Health. “We are happy to announce that until January  2016,the Foundation has managed to secure 55% of the intended budget” said Amb. Sanga.


The Chairman of the BMF Board of Trustees Amb. Charles A. Sanga giving his remarks at the BMF 10 year anniversary and Fundraising Dinner

The Foundation extended gratitude to the major donors and Corporates partners that have been working  hand in hand during the  decade journey and to mention a few, they are Norway Government, Irish Aid, Global Fund to fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria, USAID, Abbott Fund, UNFPA, WHO, Comic Relief, ACACIA, Bank M, NSSF, Quality Group, Geita Gold Mine, Mohammed Enterprises Limited, National Housing Corporation, PPF, Bank of Tanzania, Infotech Tanzania and Tanzania Investment Bank.

During this occasion the Foundation also launched its new name “The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation (BMF)” after changing from the “Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation(BMAF)”.


From Left: Amb. Charles A. Sanga, Chairman of BMF Board of Trustees, the GOH MO Dewji, H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa, the Settlor of BMF, Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF, Ms. Jacqueline Woiso Deputy CEO of Bank M and Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, Minister of Defense posing for a photo after unveiling the new name of the Foundation

Other activities that marked the occasion was the auctioning of various items that were sold to bidders. We thank all those who participated to make the event memorable.


The Settlor of BMF H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa hands over a picture sold in an auction to Managing Director of UNDI Consulting Limited Mr. Philip Makota,

Special thanks are extended to Bank M the main sponsor of the event along with Montage Limited, Clouds Media Group, PSPF and Mwananchi Communications.


The Settlor of BMF H.E Benjamin William Mkapa hands over a picture sold in an auction to Chief Executive Office (Designate) of Bank M, Ms. Jacquiline Woiso.

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7th April 2016

Mo Dewji to grace the Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation fundraising gala to commemorate 10 years anniversary

As the Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) celebrates a decade achievement it will also host a fundraising dinner on Wednesday 13th April 2016 in Dar Es Salaam which envisages to raise Tsh 1 billion for strengthening the health sector in underserved areas of Tanzania. Mr. Mohammed Dewji, President of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (Famously known as Mo Dewji) a renowned Tanzanian and global businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist is expected to be guest of honor.

Speaking at a press conference in Dar es Salaam today, the Mkapa Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro said the dinner which is mainly sponsored by Bank M and others Corporates, will be attended by 200 well wishers and friends coming from the community of donors, corporates, parastatals, government and individuals. The Former President who is the Founder of the Foundation, His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa is also expected to attend.

The Foundation since year 2012 launched a mechanism of mobilizing resources locally beyond the conventional modalities by involving the Corporates, Parastatals and Government Institutions to leverage the different project grants received from the bilateral and multilateral donors. 

Dr. Ellen said “we have observed fascinating results in rural health service delivery areas through the financial support rendered by our different partners. We brought HOPE not only to millions of individual Tanzanians in need of quality health services, but also to health workers, decision makers and policy makers that influenced better service delivery.

The Foundation’s five years Strategic Plan of 2013 – 2018 is costed at Tshs136 billion and aims to benefit directly and indirectly at least 20 million people by reinforcing HIV and AIDS services; Reproductive, Maternal, New born and Child health services; improving health workforce policies, systems and practices and enhancing community health education, promotion and awareness,”.

She said, “until January 2016, the Foundation had already fundraised Tshs. 75 billion which is 55% per cent of the required 5 years target through  proposal write ups and fundraising events, thus still having a funding deficit of 45 per cent of the 2018 target.”

This event will also mark the 10th anniversary commemoration and the launch of our new name the “Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation” from the former “Benjamin W. Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation”.

We once again wish to thank all our partners who attributed to the growth and success of our decade journey.  We also appreciate the sponsorship made towards the fundraising dinner, particularly our main sponsor Bank M and other corporates such as the Clouds Media, PSPF, Montage Ltd and Mwananchi Communication.



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