The Mkapa Foundation a non-profit making TRUST has continued exploring sustainable partnership with the, Private sector in addition to the Government and Donors that have generously donated financially and in-kind to facilitate implementation of the Foundation’s 5 years Strategic Plan.

Ellen Mkondya

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO-BMF and Ms. Jacqueline Woiso, CEO (Designate) – Bank M speaking at a press conference held on 17th May 2016 at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam

Speaking during the press conference held after signing the partnership agreement between Bank M and the Mkapa Foundation,  Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF, thanked Bank M for their support. “The Foundation is specifically pleased to benefit from Bank M as our sole partner from the banking industry, whereas through their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Bank M has for the past 4 years contributed handsomely to the Foundation. We are pleased to see our partnership is maturing and further cemented with a signed bilateral memorandum of understanding between the two Institutions. We like to take this opportunity to thank Bank M for embracing the cooperation towards this noble course of improving health and well being of Tanzanians, especially in underserved areas” said Dr. Ellen.

She continues that since 2012, Bank M has been partnering with BMF for implementing their programmes targeting to combat HIV and AIDS, Maternal New Born health and crisis of Human Resource for Health which has benefitted million people in residing in rural Tanzania.

During the recent fundraising event held by BMF on 13th April 2016 at the Golden Jubilee Towers in Dar es Salaam, BMF raised Tshs 1.17 Billion from different stakeholders. The event was also commemorating the Foundation’s 10 year anniversary and launching of its new name “The Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation”.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Management and Staff of the Mkapa Foundation, we would like to convey our gratitude to everyone who have made our event a success thus raising funds for this noble course” concluded Dr. Ellen”.

Bank M’s Chief Executive Officer (Designate) Ms. Jacqueline Woiso articulated that Bank M is proud to be part of the successful journey that the Foundation has had in the past 10 years. “Our bank is always dedicated to supporting the community based projects. It is our policy to work together with other reputable organizations in making a difference to the community and this project is clear confirmation of our commitment. Our bank will continue supporting such projects as our ultimate goal is to enhance welfare of the society. For the year 2016 we have donated 200million/- to the Foundation” said Ms. Jacqueline.


Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO-BMF and Ms. Jacqueline Woiso, CEO (Designate) – Bank M speaking with journalist at a press conference held on 17th May 2016 at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam

This year the Mkapa Foundation hosted the 3rd Fundraising event since the first one held in year 2012 in Dar Es Salaam and the 2nd one was in Mwanza in year 2014. The aim of raising funds from Corporates, Parastatals and Individuals is to support the BMF’s five years Strategic Plan of 2013 – 2018 which is costed at Tshs136 billion. The 5 years plans aims to benefit directly and indirectly at least 20 million people by 2018, by reinforcing HIV and AIDS services; Reproductive, Maternal, New born and Child health services; improving health workforce policies, systems and practices and enhancing community health education, promotion and awareness. Until January 2016, the Foundation had already secured 55% of the costed plan funding through donors and Corporates thus the remaining 45% funding gap will continue to be mobilized through proposal write ups and annual fundraising locally.


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In the spirit of combatting the crisis of Human Resource for Health within the country, the Parliamentary Committee of Social Service and Community Development met once again with the Mkapa Foundation on behalf of the HRH Alliance, to discuss the feedback of the study tour conducted in June 2016 by members of the committee as well as to identify major issues to advocate on Health workers in context of improving maternal health status.

This meeting was held on 10th May 2016 in Dodoma was in the midst of presentation of the annual budget for the financial year 2016/2017 of the Ministry Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) to the Parliamentary. During the discussions the major challenges noted during the study tour included the severe shortage of health workers in remote health facilities and non- utilization of the obstetric theaters that were constructed with the Mkapa Foundation and handed over to the Local Government authorities.


Members of the Parliamentary Social Service and Community Development Committee in a meeting with BMF and HRH alliance members held on 10th May 2016 in Dodoma

As she delivered her opening remarks,Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF told the Members of Parliaments that she understands the effort undertaken by the Government of Tanzania in addressing the challenges of Human Resource in the health sector through the different national strategies which includes the National HRH Production plan which aims to have an increase of 130,099 health workers by 2024.  Nevertheless the need to enhance retention strategies for those health workers who are recruited and posted by the Central Government are pertinent to be addressed by the LGAs.


Hon. Peter Serukamba, The Chairman of the Parliamentary Social Service and Community Development Committee discussing with Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF at the meeting in Dodoma.

She continues stating that every year 8500 women die due to pregnancy related conditions and majority of these death occurs in rural areas as compared to urban areas. In addressing this challenge, the Government had set a national target of having at least 50% of health centres provide Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care by 2015. She further said, “In a complementary effort, our Foundation constructed and equipped 8 obstetric theaters as well as trained health workers on carrying ceaserean sections in Rukwa, Shinyanga and Kagera regions. However still it is disheartening to note that out of the 8 obstetric theaters, only 3 are functioning and remaining 5 are not operating for more than one year and these are located in health centres of Milepa, Ngorotwa and Kala health centers located in Rukwa region handed over in June 2014 and Binambiyu health center located in Shinyanga Region and Nyakanazi health center which were handed over in December 2015”. She thus urged the Member of the Parliaments to pursue the Government in setting an adequate budget for 2016/17, to ensure the LGA can accommodate the remaining amenities such as water and electricity to the theatres, as well as recruitment of adequate health workers in those respective regions.


From right: Rahel Sheiza, Director of Programmes – BMF, and other representatives present during the meeting attentively following up the discussion

The Parliamentarians highlighted the observations noted when they carried the study tour in regions of Rukwa, Katavi and Shinyanga regions in March 2016. “In our visit we observed the severe scarcity of health workers in the rural health settings as such non-skilled workers were delivering pregnant women and prescribing medicines” said Hon. Mwalimu Kasuku Bilago, Member of the Committee.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Social Service Committee Hon. Peter Serukamba said that, it is aware of the crisis of Human Resource for Health as there are number of dispensaries constructed in the villages and are not operating. The Committee have urged the Government to allocate adequate budget for the financial year 2016/17 for the Ministry Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) and President’s Office Regional Authority and Local Government to tackle the challenges by increasing the number of students studying health allied courses and increase new recruitment of health workers mainly in medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses and laboratory technician cadres.

 “We strongly urge the Government to release recruitment permit for hiring various health cadres that graduated in 2015/16 and are still within the labour market for almost a year now. We understand these health workers are in high demand to support the stretched public health facilities, including the obstetric theaters constructed by BMF. I further urge the fellow Members of the Parliament in the respective regions to collaborate with their district councils in innovatively addressing the health bottlenecks within their respective areas”; said Hon. Peter Serukamba.

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On 6th May 2016, The Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) entered into another partnership agreement with ACACIA mining company through its Maendeleo Fund to continue collaborating and supporting the implementation of the Mkapa Fellows program phase II in Msalala District Council from 01st April 2016 to 30th March 2018. This partnership agreement which has an estimate cost of USD 200,000 will be covering 2 health facilities, namely Bugarama Health Centre and Kakola dispensary, the latter serving large population and is a satellite facility feeding Bugarama Health Centre. The interventions in these targeted facilities will directly benefit a population of 321,852 that are either residing around the Bulyanhulu mining site or directly interact with migrants from these mining sites

General Manager

Sitting: From left, Mr. Graham Screw, General Manager Bulyanhulu Mining and Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF signing the partnership extension aggreement in Kahama.

This signing of extension agreement took place at Gabriela Hotel in Kahama Region and was witnessed by District Commisioner of Msalala, Hon Vita R Kawawa ,District Executive Director (DED) of Msalala, Mr. Patrick Kawangwa,District Medical Officer (DMO) of Msalala Dr. Hamadi Nyembea and other council Managements Members. Also attended by representative from BMF and ACACIA.

Addressing the attended guest the Hon. Vita R. Kawawa, Msalala District Commissioner expressed his gratitued to ACACIA specifically the Manager of Bulyankhulu for cooperative support in improving of the 2 health facilities.. Also he congratuated BMF for their unique efforts of improving health services and saving the lives of many. Nevertherless DC gave a testimony  on some of the  results he has witnessed on the Mkapa Foundation efforts of improving human resources for health situation and service delivery.  

Dr Ellen

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro handing over the signed agreement to Mr. Patrick Kawangwa, DED of Msalala, standing beside them is Mr. Graham Screw, General Manager of Bulyanhulu Mining and Hon. Vita R Kawawa, DC of Msalala.

“The Foundation has constructed 10 houses at different remote located facilities through the other programme with the Government of Tanzania financed by the Global Fund. Before the construction of these houses, health workers were not staying at their working place because they had no staff house but since the Foundation constructed houses, health workers are  retained  at their working place and this is one of the achievement i noted in the constituency i represent in Namtumbo, Ruvuma region” said Hon.Vita R Kawawa,

Speaking on behalf on ACACIA mining company, The General Manager of Bulyankhulu ,ACACIA mining Mr.Graham Screw thanked the BMF’s efforts and recognize its contribution to the people of Msalala through a number of health service delivery interventions that are taking place at Shinyanga region and specific for Msalala district.

Shinyanga is one of the region that has high HIV prevalence of 7.4% from 2007-2012 whereby Msalala District is the leading affected area due to Mining activities and high movement of people especially small scalle miners.Being one of the Mining company, ACACIA  through its Maendeleo Fund is committed to support health serve delivery to the Msalala community by constructing health facilities of Bugarama and Kakola located at Msalala District.


Mr. Partick Kawangwa, DED of Msalala DC (Left) and Dr. Leodgard Benedict, Program Officer – Service Delivery from BMF   signing the agreement as witness of the respective Institutions

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF said that the Foundation is pleased to continue the partnership they began with ACACIA since year 2012 whereas the support benefitted Biharamulo district in Kagera region and Msalala district of shinyanga region. The initial ACACIA support enabled constrution of theatres and equipping the same as well as recruting health workers to work in the rural health facilities.  She further added, ‘This partnership of Public- Private  is a model to be adopted in many places within the country, as it further entails involvement of local Non-State actor such as BMF, thus contributing to more efficiency and effectiveness in improving health and well being of Tanznaians”

Furthermore, Dr.Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro mentioned the interventions that will take place at Bugarama and Kakola are recruiting 8 staffs,and various initiatives on capacity and skills development to health workers and the management team such as conducting Clinical Mentorships and Training on HIV/AIDS clinical care,Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission, and Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care. The programme will also build capacity and facilitate supportive supervision to the health facilities by the Council Management team, and train on planning and budgeting for the aim of improving their Comprehensive Council Health Plans (CCHP). Furthermore the initiative will be conducting Community Outreach services to enhance information and education on maternal health matters as well as HIV and AIDS and provide health services in remote villages.

She thanked the ACACIA mining company for their continuous support and will work closely with Government of Tanzania to make sure there is reduction of maternal and child death and improve the lives of many residing in the hard to reach settings.

For more details kindly find the link of the Press Release 



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Recently the Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) signed an agreement with The Save the Children Fund to implement TB/HIV project in the country. The TB/HIV project financed by the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria is to be implemented in Tanzanian for approximately 2 years with various partners under the Save the children as the Prime Recipient. The Mkapa Foundation signed an agreement of Tshs 4.2 billion which  will support programme interventions in four (4) regions of Rukwa, Katavi, Tabora and Kigoma.


Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF and Mr. Steve Thorne, Country Director of Save the Children signing the agreement in Dar es Salaam

This signing event held on 27th April 2016 at the Save the Children Offices in Mikocheni, Dar Es Salaam, marked the kick-off of the field implementation. The event  was hosted by Save the Children who are primary recipient and was attended by representatives from other sub-recipient organizations apart from BMF, which are Africare, Amref Health Africa and Management and Development for Health (MDH). Other stakeholders were representatives  from the Government of Tanzania including Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Children and Elderly, Tanzania AIDS Commission (TACAIDS), and various Civil Society stakeholders on HIV and TB including people living with HIV and the media.

Speaking at the signing of the agreements, the Country Director of Save the Children, Mr. Steve Thorne said that, “Save the Children was selected as the Principal Recipient of the grant under the private sector and will complement the Government efforts in combatting the TB and HIV challenges. They intend to work in close collaboration with the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) and National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP)”.



Representative from various organizations and stakeholders witness the signing of agreements between Save the Children (as PR) and SR organizations

The implementation of this program will cover regions of Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Ruvuma, Rukwa, Katavi, Tabora, Kigoma, Shinyanga, Simiyu, Kagera, Singida, Dar es Salaam and all key population interventions, he continued.

The Chief of Party/Programme Director, Dr. Godwin Asuquo from Save the Children pointed out that the agreement signing commence the start of implementation of program field activities whereby by this week each sub-recipient organization will be assigned an official field program vehicle acquired by the grants funds.

Moreover the CEO of BMF, Dr Ellen Mkondya Senkoro, stated that the Foundation is delighted for being among this coalition of 4 sub-recipient of this program, and she assured its full commitment to the implementation of the programme for the mentioned regions. She further added, “we have been a sub-recipient of Global Fund through the Government financing channel for almost 9 years, thus we are ready to work in partnership with Save the Children and others as well as utilize the best practice and lessons learnt in ensuring programme effectiveness, efficiency and more important attaining intended results”.

The entire project will focus on enhancing HIV prevention programmes services, which is estimated to to reach 194,688 men, women, young people and children with HIV counselling and testing. It will further enhance prevention of Tuberculosis among People Living with HIV and AIDS. Likewise, 11,130 men who have sex with men and 124,500 sex workers will be reached with life-saving HIV and TB services, among others.















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The Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) was among the many partners that signed a Co-operation Partnership Commitment (Code of Conduct) with the Government, Development Partners and other non-state actors in support of the National Health Policy and its implementation through five-year Health Sector Strategic Plan (2015 -2020). This Co-operation Partnership Commitment which is led by the Government of Tanzania is part of the initiatives to ensure the development of health sector.


The signing of the agreement took place on 20th March 2016, at the Ministry of Health offices in Dar es Salaam and involve heads of the Government entities such as the Ministries of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; President’s Office Local Government and Regional Authority, Ministry of Finance and Planning. Others involved are the, Development Partners (including bilateral and multilateral partners), Cooperating Partners and Implementing Partners that includes Faith Based Organizations, Non-Government Organizations, Private Enterprises and other institutions.


This code of conduct which will guide the Tanzania Health Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps) is to be adhered by all parties involved. It is governed by core principles and to mention a few includes openness, transparency and mutual respect; National Ownership, Accountable Governance, Mutual Accountability, Sustainability, Managing for Results, Strengthening national capacity, Strengthening equity, Respect for human rights and many other principles.

swap ceo

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro, CEO of BMF signing the code of conduct to commit The Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation into cooperation partnership for Health SWAp at the Ministry of Health Offices in Dar es Salaam.

“The Mkapa Foundation remains committed to continue working in partnership with the Government of Tanzania and all other partners. We will ensure that we adhere to the code of conduct described in the today’s signed agreement and we hope each one of us will respect and practise as much as possible the core principles set in the agreement”, said Dr. Ellen the CEO of Mkapa Foundation

This code of conduct that was signed does not constitute a legal binding instrument but it reflects the commitment of all parties working in the health sector and it encourages adherence to the core principles towards sustainable achievement in the health sector.

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