More than 20,000 people have received free medical checkup service in Nzega district in Tabora region and Mpanda Municipal Council in Katavi region.

aggrey mwanri

RC of Tabora, Hon. Aggrey Mwanri (C), DC Nzega Hon. Godfrey Ngupulla (L) and Dr. Happiness Willbroad, BMF’s Program Manager Community Health & Social Welfare standing to welcome the brass band during the launching of Combination Prevention Campaign in Nzega, Tabora.

The Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) in collaboration with Save the Children under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC) is implementing a 3 year TB/HIV project which focuses on enhancing HIV prevention programme services estimated to reach 194,688 men, women, young people and children with HIV counselling and testing.

BMF through the TB/HIV project has launched a combination prevention campaign in Nzega district, Tabora and Mpanda Municipal Council, Katavi were locals receive medical checkup services including Voluntary Testing and Counseling, Cervical Cancer Screening, Family Planning service, and TB diagnosis.

The launching of the campaign in Nzega took place on 28th November 2016 at parking stadium and was graced by the Regional Commissioner Hon Aggrey Mwanri as the guest of Honor. Likewise for Mpanda Municipal Council the launching took on place 2nd December 2016 at Kasekese ward and was also graced by the Regional Commissioner Gen. Raphael Mugoya.

RC Tabora

Hon. Aggrey Mwanri, RC Tabora getting health information from one of the service providers during the launching of combination prevention campaign held in Nzega, Tabora

Speaking during the launching in Nzega Hon. Aggrey Mwanri told the citizen that Tabora is among the regions with high HIV prevalence rate (5.1%) of which Igunga district the rate is 5.8% and Nzega 5.1%. He urge to citizen to show up for the medical checkup as it will enable them to know their health status and manage to protect their health.


A local citizen giving personal detail before testing for HIV while other are awaiting in cue outside the tent during the launching of combination prevention campaign in Nzega, Tabora.

Moreover the Nzega District Commission Hon. Godfrey Ngupulla insisted the citizens to recognize the value of being healthy by showing for checkup especially when it is brought to them.

Addressing the citizens in Katavi, Hon. Gen. Raphael Mugoya said it is important for everyone to care for his or her own health to attain development in our society.

Dr. Happiness Willbroad, BMF’s Program Manager Community Health & Social Welfare said the campaign is targeting to reach 400 people in every district within the selected regions.

Metusela Lubango, a local residing in Nzega congratulated the initiative of providing free health diagnosis services, and continues that lots of youth are not aware of their health status hence urge them to show up for the checkup.  


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