We will be the link between our communities and the health facilities, hence being able to save lives of pregnant mothers and new born babies, also help our community prevent outbreak various infectious and non-infectious diseases” say Dina Amos and Kubini Charles, community health workers  students at Ngudu School of Environmental Health Science.

These comments were made during a recently joint field visit in Mwanza and Geita by the Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation (BMF) and Tropic Health Education Trust (THET) which aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the programme and observe challenges encountered in the process of implementation.

Kubini Charles (M) and Dina Amos (F) CHW students at Ngudu School of Environmental Health Science at the listening to Mr. Godwin Kabalika, Country Director of THET-Tanzania during a recent field visit. With him is Edvige Bordone, THET Communications Manager and Ms. Luciana Titto, CHW District Coordinator, Kwimba DC.

The team arrived in Ngudu School of Environmental Health Science on 13th March 2018 and met with tutors and students a brief discussion about the community based programme implemented by BMF and THET.

The tutor informed the team that Ndugu School was among the first Training institution selected by the Government to teach CHW training program in 2015/16. Since then, they have managed to produce 111 CHW graduates (first intake 63, second intake 48) and current the HTI has 43 students studying for the course



From Left: Faustine Burugu, Eusto Kabaro, James Chillangi and Mathias Sanaga, tutors at Ngudu School of Environmental Health Science during  discussion with BMF and THET team during a recent field visit at the health training Institution.  

Speaking on behalf of other tutors Mr. Eusto Kabaro, tutor and academic officer said that, they are glad to be part of this noble course as they believe the CHW will bridge the gap between communities and health facilities and support the government to significantly reduce maternal and new born death, malaria, TB, HIV and other related diseases deaths.

Moreover the team had a chance to speak with Dina and Kubini, current CHWs students at Ndugu School. They expressed their happiness for being part of this good course as they believe after graduating and employed by the government they will make a huge impact in their community.

Both of them acknowledges the health challenges in their communities to mention a few includes death of pregnant women and newborn child and outbreak of communicable diseases such as cholera, malaria e.t.c. Hence being a link between the community and health facilities would enable them mitigate this challenges.

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