Pic 1 Above: Part of the 170 CHMT members attending the  two days training

The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation in collaboration with the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) organised a two days training session on  performance management and monitoring of Comprehensive Council Health Plans ( CCHP).The training conducted emphasized on Health Basket Fund Indicators   and performance management among other national health indicators being assessed .

The training attracted a total of 170 members from 34 Council Health Management Teams (CHMT) from the five beneficiaries Regions of Lake Zone namely Kagera, Geita, Simiyu, Shinyanga, and Mwanza.  The training was divided into two phases; phase one covered two Regions, Mwanza and Kagera from 7th to 18th July 2018 while phase involved Geita, Shinyanga and Simiyu as from 9th to 10th June 2018. All these sessions were held in Shinyanga Municipality. Facilitators were drawn from both BMF and Presidents Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG).

 cchp2 Left : Pic 2 Facilitator Dr. Anna Nswila  among the facilitators during the training sessions


To officiate the meeting was the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Health) Dr. Zainab Chaula (Pic 3; below).  In her key notes she underscored professionalism while providing services as stipulated in the CCM manifesto which stress all civil servant to work with Integrity,   Trustfulness and professionalism.


 Pic 3 Above: guest of Honor Deputy Permanent Secretary (Health) Dr. Zainab Chaula (standing) giving key note during the officiating of the Training.  Left Is The Regional medical Officer Shinyanga Dr Rashid Mfaume following up the speech, Second Right is Dr Anna Nswila Assistant DirectorPORALG and Far Right Dr Adeline Nyamwihura – Program manage from Mkapa Foundation


She further urged the CHMT members and all staff while working to continue evaluating themselves and address the shortfall which impact the service delivery.  Further she requested CHMT and other staff countrywide to continue thinking hard and innovatively on how to address challenges in service delivery especially which include the high maternal mortality rates.  She stressed that staff should work hard and try as much as possible to be attentive in listing to clients seeking services and at the end one will reach to a correct diagnosis.     She said observing protocol such as taking clear history thoroughly well will save mothers lives of innocent pregnant mothers who are dying of maternal cause. She further went to ask “If a client is attending all 4 ANC visit, why it that the complications are suddenly is observed when she is in labour? This implies that the history was not taken well and thus miss all dangers signs”


She informed the participants that 3, 413 facilities have received funds disbursed directly to the facility Accounts through the Direct Health facility Funding modality.  The Government is now upgrading the facilities to enable perform surgeries and this shows how the Government is keen in improving health services for the benefit of all Tanzanians.


As they are attending the training on indicators of Health basket funding the  participants should be attentive and use the skills and knowledge gained to ensure that they pass the assessment for receiving funds  through Basket funding and when they get back to the working session they should be provide feedback to the entire CHMT and District Authorities.



 cchp4  cchp5
Pic 4 Above ; Participants from Kwimba DC  Left and Kyerwa DC right attentively following  up the presentation


Apart from training of Indications facilitators took them through improved Community health Funding, Allocation formula of basket Funding and also issues of Prime Vendors. Further, an assessment on implementation of Community Based Health Program was conducted.


The Training ended with development of action plans for improvement of indicators by all 34 CHMT members which enable them to receive more funds from Health Basket Funding as well as for improvement in implementation of Community Based Health Program.  The impact of the training will be monitored through the next quarter performance assessment of health basket Fund Indicators report and hence more funds will be disbursed to the facilities.


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