A few BMF team members had the opportunity to be a part of the Annual Regional and District Medical Officers (RMO/DMO) conference for the year 2018. The conference that took place between the  13th to 18th August 2018 was organized by the Presidents Office Regional Administration and  Local Government ( PORALG) and The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC ) and was attended by different stakeholders in the health sector.

Being an active partner in health sector, BMF was given a chance to share with the DMO and RMOs the work undertaken in different parts of the country as guided by the BMFs Strategic plan and National priorities. During the meeting, a presentation made by BMFs CEO, Dr Ellen Mkondya Senkoro highlighted the contributions made by BMF to the National Frameworks through the different projects which are came to an end in December 2017 and those  new projects to be implemented between 2018 and 2021. She also mentioned the key emerging issues locally and internationally which would require further strategic partnership amongst the Local and International Partners including the Donors, Non State Actors ( NSAs) and the Regional and local government authorities.

Following the presentation, Dr Ellen in her capacity as the interim chairperson for the commonly known informal network of NSAs Health Group (NSAs Health CEO’s Round Table), shared with DMO and RMO’s the NSA’s presentation, by highlighting the contribution of NSAs in health Sector Performance. In her presentation she stated that most of the NSAs ( known as NGOS) have attributed in improving facility level service delivery indicators especially related to HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Reproductive, Maternal and child health. The same NGOS has contributed into filling gaps on Human resources for health in public health facilities, building management capacity of the same and enhancing health information systems and drugs management. In addition community based health programs have been strengthened with great work carried by the local Community based organization working in close collaboration with international and local NGOs as well as Local Government authorities.


Some of the NSAs representative discussing during the meeting. Present in the photo are representative from Boresha Afya Deloitte and Touche, AMREF, Abts Associate ( PS Project) and the Mkapa Foundation

The Meeting was officiated by Mr. Musa Iyombe – PS – PORALG and chaired by Simiyu Regional Commissioner- Mr. Anthony Mtaka.  In his officiating remarks, PS –PORALG reminded the NSAs that, PORALG will be hesitant to recognize any work done by NGO in LGA’s without their knowledge and agreeing on areas of priorities. On moving together with common agenda, PORALG will share the Roadmap with clear priorities with NSA’s to help them during planning of their interventions- said the PS of PORALG.


At the high table from left to right is Dr. Ellen M. Senkoro- CEO of BMF, Hon. Mtaka , RC of Simiyu, Dr. Zainab Chaula the Deputy PS Health- PORALG, Dr. Grace Maghembe, RMO of DSM and Chair of RMO National level and Dr. Ntulli, Director of Health- PORALG.

During the meeting, the chairman shared his experience in Simiyu region where he acknowledged presence of Partners in Simiyu who are the source of technical and financial assistance into the Health Sector Budget.  He pointed out the importance of coordination of partners and shared his experience of calling a coordination meeting at the regional level chaired by himself. His experience shows that some of the Government officials are limited with negotiation skills and at times lack background information regarding Partners work in the respective regions, thus fails to discuss and come to consensus with partners including demanding answers to hard questions. Thus Hon. Mtaka called for Government officials to improve on their vested roles of being in the  lead to coordinate the partners entering into their regions and districts.

The meeting was closed by Minister President Office – Regional Administration and Local Government  Hon. Suleiman Jafo and the institutions that  supported the meeting, including BMF were awarded  certificates.


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