Mkapa Foundation Pledges More Support to Tanzania’s Health Sector

Benjamin Mkapa Foundation (BMF) has pledged to continue supporting the Tanzania Government towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Universe Health Coverage (UHC) targets and the country National Development Frameworks.

BMF’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro issued the commitment when she delivered her speech during the Health Symposium which was organized by BMF took place on October 1, 2019 in Dar es Salaam whereby the stakeholders discussed various issues related to the health sector.

We are committed to complement and support Governments’ efforts to deliver health care services reaching all people equitably, in both Tanzania Mainland and Isles, as well as other neighboring Africa regions through strategic partnerships,” said the CEO.

She added: “We understand that we cannot bring change on our own. Therefore, we plan to cement our trusted cooperation with the Government of Tanzania, at the same time sustain the mutual partnership with existing and new traditional and non-traditional partners, including donors, civil societies, professional bodies, private sector, researchers, media, and other interested parties.”

BMF CEO Dr Ellen Mkondya Senkoro shaking hands with CRDB Managing Director Mr. Abdul Majid Nsekela.CRDB was the main sponsor of the event

The Symposium was accompanied by the launch of BMF’s 5 years Strategic Business Plan (termed as SBPIII) extending from 2019-2024 which is in place to build upon the success of the previous two Strategic Plans since BMF’s inception.

Referring to the newly launched business plan, Dr Ellen disclosed that the plan is estimated to cost Tsh156 billion, further noting that BMF under the new plan, among others, it is dedicated to continue investing on health systems in efforts to combat maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health situation, especially in rural settings.

In recognizing the contribution of BMF in the health sector in Tanzania, the Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Dr Faustine Ndugulile who was the Chief Guest of the Symposium commended BMF for being a good partner to the Government of Tanzania in improving access and quality of health services to all.

Your work in areas of Human Resources for Health, HIV/AIDS and many others have contributed significantly to the gains we have attained in the health sector,” said the Deputy Minister.

He added: “Let me assure you that the Government is working closely with its development partners on specific interventions to address some of the challenges.”

HE Benjamin  William Mkapa Former President of Tanzania and BMF Settlor Handing over a Brief Copy of the New Strategic Business Plan to Amref Tanzania CEO Dr. Florence Temu During the symposium

The minister further highlighted that Tanzania has made substantial gains in improving access and quality of health services such as increased availability of essential medicines to over 95 percent coupled with increased Government budget towards medicines and other commodities.

Health systems strengthening is a critical component of the 2030 agenda for SDGs and UHC. With this in mind, we need to look into ways that will ensure quality, equity, efficiency, accountability, resilience and sustainability of health services,” added the minister.

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