CEO Remarks – 15th Anniversary

Dear Stakeholders, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of BMF, we would like to bring you on Board as we celebrate our 15-year journey of bringing hope to the underserved and inspire for a brighter future in improving the health and well-being of all Tanzanians and the rest of Africa.

The month of April 2021, we proudly commemorate our 15 years of growth and success. Being an indigenous non-government entity, we are indebted to thank all our well-wishers and partners for their technical and financial support that enabled BMF reach its intended vision and mission and touching lives of the needy segment of the population. We remain steadfast in our endeavors to serve communities and we recognize the success of the Foundation largely depends on the continuing support of our development partners, fellow Non-State Actors, Private Sector, Well-wishers, Friends and definitely the firm commitment and collaboration of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in both Mainland and Zanzibar.

Our major milestones of 15 years were made possible through partnerships and the highly committed leadership of the Board and Management as well as the talented team of BMF, and I wish to mention a few milestones. Our institution has been trusted by the Government and Development partners in designing and implementing more than 20 health projects across the country that has impacted directly and indirectly about 12 million people. The geographical coverage of different health initiatives led by BMF has increased from 33 districts in the first 2 years of our establishment to 126 districts within the country as at 2021. With pride and joy, we have been able to raise the national profile on the need to pay more attention on human capital investment within the health sector, through innovative HRH initiatives that included fast tracking hiring of more than 4,500 skilled health workers that have continued closing the existing HRH gaps at all health care tiers.

 It is further outstanding, to recognize that the Foundation has proactively being engaging the Government and partners in improving the Community health systems, particularly efforts to institutionalize the Community Health Workers program. This has enabled BMF to lead deployment and utilization of more than 2,700 Community Health Workers that have attributed to improved services on Maternal and Child health, COVID19 response, TB and HIV services as well as Nutrition. BMF has constantly being actively engaged at the policy dialogue table to share lessons learnt and bringing evidence of best practices on the ground, which have further resulted into reviewing and/or developing new policies and guidelines of the health sector by the Ministry of Health.

The emergence of COVID-19 has been an experience to our Foundation, whereas the team’s creativity and rapid humanitarian response to support the Country was evident, whilst at the same time ensuring safety and protection of our own Institution’s workforce. BMF’s active engagement at the COVID 19 National Task force successfully facilitated the mobilization and coordination of other non-state actors to support and complement Government efforts on surveillance, case management, risk communication and education, reinforcing the port of entries as well as ensuring logistics and supplies are made available. I also wish to take this opportunity to heartily appreciate and acknowledge our greatest source of strength, our staff whose unwavering commitment, dedication and sacrifice has shown BMF’s commitment to working with the GoT at both National and Community Level in dealing with this pandemic.

From all the above 15 years achievement, BMF will continue supporting and complementing the Government of Tanzania, to endure efforts towards strengthening health systems and services at the community and facility levels, as envisioned in our Third Strategic Business Plan (2019 – 2024), with the goal of saving lives and improving health but above all, building productive societies as this has always been unbounded and continuous. 

Last but not least, this year will still be special to BMF and we look anxiously forward to having you join us in commemorating the one-year anniversary in July 2021, since the demise of our Founder – H.E. (Late) Benjamin William Mkapa, whereas we will celebrate his life and unique legacy left behind in this nation, global society and generations to come. We will be having a Benjamin Mkapa’s Legacy Month with variety of activities including hosting a high-level Symposium of national and global leaders, media and community activities. Please stay alert for more information coming your way from us, and it is our hope we will enjoy the continued support and cooperation on this endeavor.

Thank you for your time to visit our website and enjoy the reading and journey with the Mkapa Foundation.

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro

Chief Executive Officer

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