About Tanzania HR Project

The Mkapa Foundation is collaborating with Intrahealth International under the funding from USAID to implement Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project (THRP). The project is collaborating with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOHSW) and Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration & Local Government (PMORALG) and has a common goal of improving the health and social welfare workforce of Tanzania.
THRP is a consortium of mainly local partners under the technical leadership of Intrahealth International whereas the consortium includes Mkapa Foundation; Christian Social Service Commission (CSSC); Agakhan Foundation (AKF); Institute of Social Welfare (ISW) and University of Dar es Salaam – Computer Science Department (UDSM).

The project objectives include:-

  • Supporting the Government of Tanzania in the implementation of the Human Resource for Health strategy and the Human Resource components of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) III
  •  Strengthening the capacity of the national and local government authorities to predict, plan for, and recruit the health and social welfare workforce
  •  Improving the deployment, utilization, management, and retention of the health and social welfare workforce
  • Increase productivity of the health and social welfare workforce


The six main outcomes attained by the project in 3 years of implementation are:

1. Reduction of health workers vacancy rate by 15%
2. Use of localized incentive package
3. Increase in retention os staff from 75% to 85% in 20 districts
4. Use of human resource supervision guideline
5. Improved working environment and  having a functional operational performance appraisal system
6. Use of national orientation package