About BMF

The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation is a Trust and non-profit making Institution, established and incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance, CAP 375.

Officially registered on 13th April 2006, the Foundation aims to supplement and complement the development efforts of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.


Healthy lives and well-being for all, in Tanzania and the rest of Africa


To contribute towards attainment of better health outcomes through innovative health and related system solutions


Excellence: We strive for the highest technical and professional standards; celebrate innovation, learning and service.

Innovation: We strive to be proactive; creative and committed to continuous improvement.

Integrity: We are committed to professional ethics, transparency, impartiality responsibility and accountability in our actions.

Equity: We ensure non-discrimination, inclusion and fairness, in all dealings of the foundation.

Collaboration: We foster and believe in diversity, unique contribution of our employees and partners through

Dr. Adeline Kimambo

Message from the BMF's Chair of the Board of Trustees

A Happy New year to you all!

The legacy continues! Another year, another opportunity to pursue and accomplish the mission that is the legacy left behind by Late Former President Benjamin William Mkapa “The Voice of the South” who carried the torch for an HIV/AIDS Free Generation by joining forces with equally minded global world leaders. He once said, “The elbow is useful, we cannot do without it, but ultimately it is the finger of local knowledge that will actually remove the dirt of poverty from our eyes”.

The Late Mkapa had a passion not only for equity and inclusion but for translating that into the right to quality health services for the poor, marginalized and underserved communities, the essence for establishing the Benjamin Mkapa Foundation.

Following the demise of the Founder and Settlor of Mkapa Foundation, Late Former President Benjamin Mkapa, we are grateful in year 2021 the Board and Management were able to move through a smooth transition of obtaining his successor, who is none other than His Excellency Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of of Zanzibar and chairman of the Revolutionary Council.

The Board of Trustees had an opportunity to visit some few sites where BMF has been working closely with the Government and partners. This gave us firsthand experience on the profound impact of our actions in addressing Human Resources for Health in the quest to serve the underserved.

We further learnt lessons in the process, thus it increased our capacity to govern as the Board of Trustees. We are also proud to mention that the Foundation was awarded an unqualified audit opinion and this has been sustained for the past years of our existence.

The Endowment Fund launched during the Mkapa Legacy symposium last year embedded a sustainable coffer for the Foundation’s programs that serve the underserved, and the Board seeks to further fundraise during the year 2022 with intention of reaching its 2025/26 target of an equivalent .

This year 2022, the Foundation is proud to announce, welcome and join hands with them in commemorating the life of His Excellency Mkapa through a variety of activities to be held during the whole month of July including new Settlor His Excellency Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, hosting the Mkapa Legacy Symposium in Zanzibar on 13th and 14th July 2022. With this said, we will keep you informed on the exciting during the legacy month as they evolve. , We thus hereby invite you, to come and join us in this endeavor.

Once again as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees I wish to reaffirm the board’s role in ensuring Mkapa Foundations commitment to working with the Government, Development Partners, Private Sector, Civil Society Organizations and the community, towards bringing hope to the underserved.

Thank You.

Dr. Ellen Mkondya-Senkoro

Message from BMF's CEO

Happy New Year Our Esteemed Stakeholders and Partners


Indeed we are grateful to see the New Year. Last year was by no means an easy one as we struggled with effects of the COVID -19 pandemic and the continuing daunting challenges posed by it.

The challenge however has made us stronger and more resilient, and we remain optimistic about our important work to uplift our country’s health sector and in ensuring that we continue to create stakeholder value. Nevertheless, our optimism and determination to modify our business model as a step towards mitigating the impact created by the pandemic was proved very useful.

A Year of Resilience and Trust

Looking at the path we have walked in 2021 I am energised by the milestones we have achieved as we seek to serve the underserved.

We rose to the COVID-19 challenge by expanding our service offerings, such as deployment of more than 585 skilled health care workers of different cadres to 26 Tanzania Port of Entries creating regionally acclaimed COVID -19 response efficiency.

Furthermore looking back, in the course of carrying out our program activities we expanded our evidence base by creating innovative solutions that enhanced service delivery. We developed ICT systems and upgrades and Data Collection tools installed in gadgets that have enabled the smooth extraction of data from the community enabling prompt analysis, response and reporting. Efficiency is our infusion!

The foundation continued to consolidate government efforts working with the MOHCDGEC and PORALG, determinedly investing in human resource for Health by deploying more than 9000 skilled and unskilled health workers nationally. Another notable achievement is our active involvement in producing the National Health Workforce Volunteering Guideline, a guideline intended to address shortage of health workers by enabling volunteerism.  In this way, we are confident that we have added value by bringing hope to the underserved population, enabling them to enjoy faster, better, easier, and more accessible health care services.

Road To The Next Normal

Mkapa Foundation has a number of very exciting plans lined up for 2022. Do watch our space as we will be making various innovations throughout the year to impact on people’s lives. With the current BMF geographical footprint in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, it earns us good practice and resilience as some of our key interventions are presenting great milestones to our beneficiaries and we have reason to believe that 2022 will be a year of accomplishing more milestones.

To stay relevant moving into the next normal, we must align ourselves with some key major trends that shape our health sector for Universal Health Coverage. And so our focus for 2022 will be rolling out BMF innovative flagship strategies and enhancing strategic and Impactful Policy Engagement as we clearly define and improve growth of Service Delivery Section. We will also be expanding community member’s registration for improved Community Health Fund.

The Mkapa Legacy continues. We are proud to announce that we now have a new settlor, H.E. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, President and Chairperson revolutionary Council of Zanzibar. SAVE THE DATE for this year’s symposium to be held in Zanzibar 13th – 14th July.

To Our Front Liners 

As a medical professional myself, I understand the pressures and need of the health sector and that 2021 called for extra courage and resilience. I would therefore like to extend my personal thanks to each and every colleague for going beyond the call of duty and being an inspiration to us all.

I now have the responsibility but also the privilege to steer a clear course for BMF further development. With your collaboration and continued support of my stewardship and our vision, powered by BMF’s culture of trust and core of resilience, I am confident that BMF is advancing towards a new brighter horizon.

Thank you.

Dr Ellen Mkondya – Senkoro.

Chief Executive Officer.

Mkapa Foundation