Strategic Objective 2.1: Strengthened Institutional and Individual Capacity for Knowledge Management and Translation

BMF aims to strengthen organizational information and knowledge management system as well as enhance a culture and process of knowledge sharing, utilization and learning. Its acquired wealth of knowledge in healthcare service delivery in the past 13 years of its existence justifies for it to be reinforced as a Centre of Excellence. This is a significant asset that the organization aims to utilize in delivering innovative solutions in healthcare service delivery within the country and the rest of Africa.

Strategic Objective 2.2: Improved Access to Information for Evidence Based Interventions with High Impact

BMF in collaboration with other partners continues to implement initiatives that intends to strengthen policies and guidelines related to HRH through advocacy and policy dialogue. This has been affected by BMF through all its projects with a goal of spearheading the implementation of the National frameworks such as the Health Sector Strategic Plan IV (2015 – 2020) and the National Human resource for Health strategic plan (2014-2019) etc. The Advocacy project further aims to work with Government and partners in the achievement of the International and Global commitments toward achieving SDGs.

Furthermore, in sustaining good relationships and partnerships with friends and stakeholders, we continuously share information in relation to the Foundation activities. The dissemination is done through sharing of periodic public reports, e-newsletters and through other media channels such as newspapers, television, radio and social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube ) direct mailing, national and international platforms and events etc.

Strategic Objective 2.3: Adopted Evidence Based Approaches in Healthcare Delivery

The work carried by BMF in HRH projects have enabled gathering of best practices and evidences which broadens the understanding of key successes, challenges and gaps in HRH financing, planning, recruitment, retention, productivity and management of health care workers (HCWs). For more information about the studies and assessments.