HRM District Strengthnening Training

Health Systems Strengthening Updates

To realize this goal, BMAF contributes to the attainment of three objectives within the Health Systems Strengthening project:

  • Increase production of mid-level and highly skilled health workers in Tanzania’s existing public, private, and faith-based training facilities;
  • Scale-up tested country Human Resource for Health (HRH) innovations to support recruitment, strengthen retention to improve service delivery in HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and other health services; and
  • Create a comprehensive health systems leadership and management capacity to effectively manage HIV/ AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

In the first year of implementation, BMAF has achieved the following within the country’s Health Systems Strengthening Initiative funded by Global Fund Round 9:

  • 230 health workers were recruited and deployed across 35 underserved districts, as well as  174 tutors that work across 46 training institutions. This is 100 percent attainment of set target for the first year.
  • Trained about 800 health managers on leadership and management practices on Human Resources from 70 districts of Tanzania, this is equivalent coverage of 52% of the country

“The training rendered by the Foundation facilitated our team to manage better our health workers, especially the new comers.It is expected this will motivate our staff and enhance retention in the remote facilities….” District Health Secretary, Mr Solsi Mwiru of Nanyumbu District, Mtwara region

  • Six (6) job fair events in 5 regions within the country was conducted to inform final year pre-service students and graduates of previous years and the general public, on the roles and mandate of Ministries and Health Sector employment opportunities.  Further, the activity was also meant to advocate for the Government efforts in improving the working conditions and remuneration in health sector, and thus attract more employees to join the sector.
  • To attract and retain skilled health workers, 90 staff houses in 9 hard to reach districts of Mtwara and Rukwa regions are being constructed as part of the project. For more information about the staff houses construction.

Interim results of the project, shows that there is reduced vacancy rates in the beneficiary districts and training institutions, thus improved health service delivery including HIV/AIDS services. In addition we have noted increased awareness and improved planning of districts on Human resource for health.

“We cant thank enough the Mkapa Foundation for bringing us additional health professionals to our area who work in HIV/AIDS clinic, but they also assist pregnant women giving birth safely at the labour wards……” Medical Officer Incharge, Dr. Simeo Japhet, Kiomboi District Hospital, Iramba District Council- Singida region.