Mkapa Fellows Phase 1

Mkapa Fellows Phase 1 Programme Implementation

The Fellows programme is an innovative home grown solution designed by Tanzanians for Tanzanians and initiated in 2005 by the Former President of United Republic of Tanzania HE. Benjamin W. Mkapa and the Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania, President William Jefferson Clinton.


The three years program that began in 2005 recruited in phases 99 health professionals as “Fellows” who went to serve in 33 hard to reach districts of rural Tanzania in strengthening HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. Each district received a team of three (3) Fellows of different health cadres namely, Medical Officers, Assistant Medical Officer, Nurses, Laboratory Technologist, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Technicians.


Fellows recruited are mainly those who are new health graduates, those retired, those who are unemployed and few decided to leave private sector to join the Fellowship programme. Once recruited the Fellows are expected to perform the following tasks:

• General provision of clinical consultation on services related to HIV prevention, care and treatment plus other health services within the district health facilities.

• Scale up prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS services up to the lower level health facilities (Primary Health Care- PHC)


Coaching and mentorship is part and parcel of the Fellows

• Provide technical support to the districts on strengthening HIV/AIDS services especially in incorporating HIV/AIDS activities in the district council comprehensive health plan (CCHP).

• Strengthen district health care delivery system through capacity development of other health workers on management of HIV/AIDS and educating the communities

The Fellows signed a three-year contract with the Foundation and the respective Local Government Authorities defining roles of each party. Prior to the deployment of the Fellows to the districts, the respective Fellows, District and Regional officials attend an orientation workshop which, among other things, results into building team spirit, thus enhancing provision of quality and reliable health services to clients.

Once recruited and before being deployed to districts, all Fellows undergo an intensive training on comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and treatment clinical management skills using the National developed guideline. They are also trained on leadership and management skills to allow them be effective team leaders.

District Selection Criteria:

The criteria used for selecting districts for placing Mkapa Fellows under phase 1 were based on;

1. High HIV prevalence rates

2. Severe shortage of human resources or expertise in HIV/AIDS care and treatment,

3. Difficult geographical accessibility and distant from regional hospital

To view the 33 districts which benefited from Phase 1 of Fellows programme, click here.

The Fellows programme designed retention package for the purpose of attracting skilled and qualified health professionals to rural underserved areas. The package benefited the Fellows, the districts and regional levels as well.


Fellows Retention package



  1. Reallocation allowance;
  2. Enhanced salary;
  3. Housing allowance
  4. Gratuity of 5% of the 3 years basic salary by end of three years contract
  1. Intensive induction training on comprehensive
  2. management of HIV/AIDS.
  3. Laptop
  4. Mobile phone with monthly airtime
  5. NSSF benefits including Social Health Insurance
  6. Benefits;
  7. Refresher course on HIV/AIDS and related fields twice a year

Incentives to the beneficiary regions and districts:

  1. Computer desk tops and printer
  2. Internet connection to the District
  3. Monthly mobile air time for District & Regional Medical Officers