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Success Stories

USAID – Afya Endelevu

  • New Tide to strengthen Client-Centered TB Care Read More…
  • Pregnant Women in Katoro Health center smile on delivery services Read More…
  • How newly deployed nurse-midwives are saving lives in Musoma, Tanzania Read More…
  • Triumphs of the newly deployed staff Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Zanzibar. Read More…


  • All Smiles for Mwisa as he gets a Permanent Government Job after BMF Stint Read More…
  • Plugging the Gap: How Clinical Officer Sustained Routine Medical Care Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Read More…
  • How BMF Staff Transformed COVID-19 Surveillance Among Travellers Read More…
  • BMF Renovation Project raises Fresh Hopes for Pandemic Preparedness. Read More…
  • Undeterred by the Pandemic: How Athuman Delivered Comprehensive Healthcare in Communities Amid Crisis Read More…
  • Pambana na Korona Project Leaves Legacy Read More…
  • CHW Comes to the Rescue of the Needy as Health Insurance Awareness Takes Root Read More….
  • Community at the Heart of COVID-19 Prevention Efforts, Delivery of Essential Health Services Read More…

UNICEF – Mtwara Community

  • New Lease Of Life For Twin Babies Who Had Severe Malnutrition Read More…
  • Kapela: I Felt Relieved When Health Workers Came Knocking At My Door Read More…
  • Seeing Success Of A Community-based Project Through The Eyes Of Leaders  Read More…
  • Sack Gardening: A Guarantee To Quality Nutrition In Times Of Dry Spells Read More…
  • Memorable Days Of Community Engagement, Fun, Nutritious Food, And Health Education Read More…

Mkapa Fellows Program III

• Empowering CHW’s with it to save lives: A Digital Mobile App eases Healthcare Challenges in Chemba DC Read More….
• Community Health Workers: At the Centre of Maternal Health Education Awareness Read More….
• A Family Member of Chemba Dc: Mkapa Foundation Raises Hope Where It Was Dashed! Read More….
• Improved Health Facilities: Offering Peace of Mind for Babayu Community Read More…
• A Raindrop In The Desert: Quenching The Chemba District’s Skilled Healthcare Workers’ Thirst Read More….