SUCCESS STORY. Pregnant Women in Katoro Health centre smile on delivery services

Katoro, Geita: Just a little over one year ago, if you walked into the Katoro Health Center you would have been welcomed by long lines of expectant mothers waiting for services, sadness, and worry written all over their faces. The facility was staffed with only 19 skilled health care workers inadequately to serve the growing number of about 350 clients visiting for various services per day and mostly at the reproductive and child health section....

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When Human Resource Becomes The
Last Resource: Zanzibar-based Project
Sets New Pace In COVID-19 Fight

Zanzibar. This is a story of 100 healthcare workers who were deployed through USAID AfyaEndelevu Activity in Zanzibar—from seaports to airports, hospitals and communities—and theybecame a living proof of how more investment in Human Resource for Health can boost efforts tocurb a pandemic—and potentially create a health system that can withstand future pandemics. When-Human-Resource-Becomes

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Community at the Heart of COVID-19 Prevention Efforts, Delivery of Essential Health Services.


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Pambana na Korona Project Leaves Legacy for Communities and Health Workers


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How BMF Staff Transformed COVID-19 Surveillance Among Travellers


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Mkapa Foundation
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